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posted on 8/22/2007
Contractor performing an annual inspection of my HVAC system discovered that th heat exchanger on my Goodman gas furnace is "wobbly" and needs replacement. The furnace is ~5 years old. I called Goodman and they said that the heat exchanger has 20 year warranty and will replace the part. However they won't cover the labor! The labor cost estimate provided by my contractor is ~$1,500. Does that sound right????? Shouldn't Goodman be paying for all this!
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replied on 10/7/2007

What did wobbly mean loose bolts or screws? I have been working on furnaces for eons and never told a customer his heat exchanger was wobbly. I have seen cracked, holes,screws missing, plugged (sooted) but not wobbly, I guess I am not old enough. Wobbly should have been able to fix without replacing. - depending on travel time and tools of the tec it is a 3 hr job max.


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replied on 10/8/2007

I would call for a second opinion. It sounds like they are trying to take advantage of you.

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