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posted on 6/7/2007
I purchased a home in Oct. with a 650 sqft detached shop.  Located behind the shop on a concrete pad is a Rheem RRGG-07E25JKR  Mfg date 7/93. The unit was moved here in 1995 from the previous owner/builders shop and was never installed.  It has been sitting for 12 years outside, open end butted up to the exterior wall.  My question is whether it would be worth messing with now, or would just be a headache waiting to happen.  My HVAC guy said he would hook it up if I poked it through the wall but didn't want to quote a price, but then there are the ducts, 12 years worth of dirt in the coils, ect.  The shop is wood frame, insulated, but rough finished, 10 ft ceils, water, 120v, 220v, natural gas services.  I have a 19,500 btu natual gas heater unit on ceiling that seems a little under powered, but gets the job done for my occasional use.  I don't think I can sell it since I don't know if it works.  If I parted it out for scrap, how much could I get?  I thought I could use the proceeds from the Rheem to fund a thru wall combo unit that I could plug right into the 220.  Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks

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