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posted on 5/10/2007

I have a Lennox HP16-311V, Model Number E16Q3-15-1P, Electric Heat Pump (2 stage heat, 1 stage cool).  My original Lennox thermostat broke (14G2701 3AAB82 B38A2) and I replaced it with a Ritetemp 8050c about 6 months ago.

It worked fine on heat, but now that I switched it to cool, nothing.  The outdoor unit is also not "kicking in".  I think it has to do with the wiring and that is where I am at a loss.

On the old Lennox Thermostat, the wires I had were:

X (Orange)
V (Blue)
R (Black)
Y (Yellow)
M (Red)
F (Green)
L (Brown)
A (Purple)

On the new Ritetemp thermostat, the best wiring configuation that I can come up with (with the help of the folks at Ritetemp) on the new thermostat is:

X - C
V - RH
R - O
Y - W2
M - Y
F - G
L - Tapped off
A - Tapped off
Jumpers between Y & W as well as RC & RH on the new unit.

Still no cold air and the outside unit is not running (there is a faint buzzing noise however).  I am at a total loss at this point and would appreciate any help.  Thanks.


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replied on 5/10/2007

is there a switch on your new stat for electric or heat pump mode?


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replied on 5/11/2007

Yes, it's set to Pump and Electric, per the instructions.

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