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posted on 4/25/2007
I'm looking to buy a new A/C unit for a new house. I've been quoted on a Armstrong Air unit, but I'd like to check other units as well. Does anyone know of any site that may have a comparison of a/c units in terms of performance and quality?


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replied on 4/26/2007

it depends on what you want.Armstrong is  mid class. i like rheem because they are quite and are more efficient, depend on where your condenser is located and if you can benefit from it Remember that the more bells and whistles the more can go wrong. they are about the same its just hte extras they add on. i  would try compare .com and see what pops up


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replied on 6/16/2007

Hey there....I have just gotten a Trane and have heard good things about them. I live in a condo though and have my condesing unit up on the roof...the air handler inside. My concern is that I was told I would get the XR13 Model and the only info I got when it was installed was booklet for condesing unit which has model number 2ttr3024 on it would anyone know if this is what it should be? thanks

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