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posted on 4/23/2007
I just moved into a home with a York Diamond 80.  The first issue is that I can't find the filter location.  It seems that the heater unit is sealed.  Second, it turns on and ignites just fine but only runs for about 45 minutes, then shuts off.  We awake to a very cold house.  I can usually turn off the main switch and turn it back on and it will run for another 45 minutes - then quits again.  Can you help me solve the problem?

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replied on 4/25/2007

see where the duct is that brings air back to the furnace, when it turns on the one duct that is not warm is the return , follow the return and somewhere close to furnace should be a filter. does the return attach at the top or side of the unit . if you don't have a basement the return maybe on bottom. the filter is around there in mine the filter is inside the furnace. you have to look but there has to be door, start from where you see the gas line coming in . it may have two little black things that need to be turned to open door.let me know if this helps. your furnace is over heating because of the filter being dirty it will shut down until it cools enough to start again.

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