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posted on 4/15/2007
I have a Bryant 80t furnace. Built in 2000 and has been serviced every other year. Unit is clean and in good shape.
Woke up to a cold house and discovered a 3/3 error on the furnace, 'Limit or flame rollout switch is open'. Fan just runs and blows cold air. Changed air filter, although old one was clean (changed every month or so).
I see the limit switch to the center left side of unit with 2 red wires. Unit has auto igniting pilot. Is the tall upside down U shaped piece of metal to the right side the auto igniter?
I noticed that when I leave the unit off for an hour or so and turn it back on the indicater light is starting the 3/3 blinking error code before the fan is fully up to speed. Don't know if that means anything.
All looks clean with no dust.
Any ideas or suggestions to help isolate or fix the problem would be most appreciated.

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replied on 4/16/2007

do you see the igniter try to light? it will glow, i think, if it doesn't turn off at switch for a min. or so and when you turn it back on watch it and see what happens.look at your roll out switch and see if you can push in button on top with your finger. most of your safeties have a button to push in.i think most of your Bryant's when the computer board goes out the fan will run all the time.let me know if this helps.

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