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posted on 4/14/2007
I have   heater Weather 9200 installed in October 2005. Since that time it broken 3 times and it is not working again. I've noticed that it is probably the same reason,it flashing code 31. Last time technition did not  even charge for service. It looks to me some kind simple problem.  Please advise
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replied on 4/15/2007

what is it not doing that will help. is it shutting down and not lighting. is that a water heater or an actual heater only?


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replied on 10/29/2007

Hi!  I don't have my Carrier manuals with me, but I own a 58MXA ... (WeatherMaker 9000?) and it is also flashing this code, which is (for MY furnace) related to air issues (check for clean intake, make sure induction motor runs OK, check induction capacitor) or pressure valve issues (check tubing for blockages, etc., check pressure valve).

Do you have any manuals around the furnace?  They are supposed to be there/near it/with you...???

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