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posted on 4/9/2007
can i use a r-22 air handler with a r-410a heat pump?  i have a split unit heat pump went out. air handler good. got a great deal on new carrier heat pump but it is puron r-410a  old air handler r-22 is it compatible??????
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replied on 4/10/2007

i am not an expert, but  if the coil is a differnt size i dont think it will work. just like any other refrigerant they should be matched for capacity. what about the txv? . let me know if this helps. maybe you can talk to the mfg. of the unit and see if you can use it.


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replied on 6/7/2007

The pressures that 410 runs at are higher than the testing pressures for r-22. In teh long run if it does work you will require many expensive repairs to the U tubes of your evaporator........Good luck  

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