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posted on 4/6/2007
I have an Arcoliner # WO-451, series 4BJ4, oil fired HW boiler. It was retrofitted with a blue angel burner (0.75gph nozzle). The boiler is not very efficient (single pass, stack temps are very high), however it does keep my house warm even on the coldest days (runs alot). The label on the front of the boiler states "Installed Radiation = 99 Mbh" . I am trying to figure out if a newer Pinnacle Peerless boiler with a Heating Capacity of 77MBH would be sufficient since it has a much higher efficiency rating of 91% than my current 1950's pork chop style boiler.
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replied on 5/30/2007

There are many sizing methods and software out there.  There is a bunch of information on hvac sizing and manual J on this site: Manual J

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