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posted on 3/29/2007
Came across this today in a 45 year old house in Oklahoma City. Cold air return in the attic was cardboard (I think) round 14" solo type piping/ductwork. Had no insulation on it and seemed to have a black tarish look to the outside of it. Then on top of that coating was printed all over it Richduct, Richkraft Co., Chicago, IL.

It looked like those round yellow concrete pour forms that are sprialed (like a spring sprial) cardboard tubes. The tubs are 14- 16 feet long. It seems to be only 1/4 inch or slightly less thick walled.

This houe is 45 years old and was back then a upper high class home and area.
I have never seen anything like this for ductwork.

Does anyone know anything about this type. Is it cardboard or maybe asbestos material. I need to find that out before I remove any of it.

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