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posted on 3/25/2007

Hello all,

 Flooded basement likely ruined the Bard furnace that's currently installed. As a last ditch effort prior to buying a replacement, I've replaced most of the internal components and am down to the pressure switch and the fan/limit control.  Problem is, Bard seems to have thier own numbers for the otherwise typical parts: Anyone aware of a cross reference?

The two items in question:

Bard Part Number: 8406-021  Pressure Switch  (Actually appears to be manufactured by TGI TriDelta)

Bard Part Number: 912-008 Fan/Limit Control (Obvious Honeywell unit but unknown specs)


*Edit: Just located the Honeywell component as HONEYWELL L4064B2210 Fan and Limit Controller

Still trying to locate the Pressure Switch!

Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

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