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posted on 3/22/2007

Hello, my girlfriend has two quotes and they each have come to $7,000 for installing a new heating & air conditioning units.

I'm trying to help us figure out which quote is best. They each have come up with different units that appear to be 92 rated.

If anyone could at least tell me which unit is a higher quality / more expensive unit I'd appreciate it as it would help make the decision. Each of these two contractors have each been in the biz a long time.

Contractor #1

Tempstar T9MPV100J20D

Tempstar  R410A Air conditioner


Contractor #2

 Goodman  AFUE GMS9/GCS9
Goodman 13 Seer Air Conditioner

I'm inclined to think that the air conditioner doesn't matter as much. The house is in Portland, Oregon and the weather isn't as extreme as other parts of the country. The house is 3 bedroom about 1700 sq ft.

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replied on 3/22/2007

I am not familiar with prices in Portland and, I don"t know what all is included in the estimates, but, they are very high estimates. Both brands are low end with Tempstar being slightly above Goodman. Did either dealer perform a heat gain/loss calculation? If not, request it. It is neccessary to be certain that the system that they are recommending will meet your needs. All A/C units manufactured after Jan 06 must be 13 SEER or higher. The R410a is a refrigerant that has become popular due to a scheduled phase out of R22 begining in 2010. R410a runs at much higher pressures and is currently much more expensive than R22, however price will change after 2010. The advise that I always give to new buyers is to carefully check out the dealer/installer. No equipment will provide good service if not sized and installed properly. Also, the after sale service will be important. Continue doing your homework before spending your hard earned dollars. I suggest that you get 1 or 2 more estimates before making a decison. Good luck............Gasman

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