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posted on 3/20/2007
I have a Rheem furnace that is set to start at 72 degrees, but it won't start until it is about 68. Then it will start, and it will heat the house to the 72 mark. I changed the thermostat, but did not resolve. Any other ideas?
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replied on 3/22/2007

The thermostat is the control that starts or ends a call for heat. Since I don"t know what kind of t-stat you had or now have, I cannot determine the exact problem. It sound however as if it may be a t-stat mounting problem. The location of the t-stat is important to its operation. Also, proper mounting and initial set up depending on the type of t-stat can be the problem. You may want to bring in a qualified tech for this one...............Gasman


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replied on 3/27/2007

what kind of stat are you using? programable

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