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posted on 3/18/2007

I have wired a humidifier for a friend a few years back.  The place where he got it, walked me through, how to connect it to the furnace terminals.

I didn't understand how...But it worked, only when the heating fan was running on the furnace.

I now have my own furnace and humidifier.  The humidifier runs anytime the humidistat calls for more moisture, even when the furnace isn't running.

Can anyone tell me how to reconnect the humidistat to the furnace terminals, so the water only runs when the heat fan is on?

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replied on 3/20/2007

Not enough information to give you a completer answer. Would need to know what type of furnace and fan control and how the humidifier is currently wired. Typically, there is a seperate transformer to power the humidifier through the humidistat. This transformers primary would be tapped off the heat speed tap of the indoor blower motor, thereby only powering the humidifier when the blower is running in heat mode. There would then be the need for a sail switch to keep the tranformer from recieving power when the blower was operating on cool speed (air conditioning). If you provide more information then perhaps I could be more specific to your situation.     Gasman

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