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posted on 3/18/2007

Woke up to cold house, found the error light blinking 4 times, code states thermal protection device open.

Is this the Ignighter, Have not been able to find a chart that states what the likely faults that would cause this.

Blower is working, never get a flame on.

I since it's 40 out Need heat soon, so hoping for a quick reply. Thanks Mark



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replied on 3/22/2007

Your problem may be a bad board, we have seen a slew of boards giving out a code 4 but the limit circut is intact.If you are good about keeping your filters clean, and you already said that your blower IS running......then you need a new updated main board, I have them and can ship as soon as payment is made through PAY PAL. Let me know if your interested.

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