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posted on 3/13/2007

 Hi everybody. I need to replace our existing, officially dead A/C system before Summer gets serious here in Orlando. I've gotten 3 quotes & am down to just a couple questions. Hopefully you guys can help.

 1) Size. House is 1345 sg ft, in high heat & humidity Florida. I cannot tell the size of the existing unit & have been told it's 3 ton or 2.5 depending on who I talk to. I have been quoted on both 3 ton & 2.5 ton. The guy suggesting the 2.5 says longer cycles will control humidity better & the guys suggesting 3 says it will get on top of the heat better in broiling July. In all cases a 3 ton variable speed air handler would be used. Suggestions?

2) Trane vs. Carrier. The 3 possible systems are: 1)Trane XR13 3 ton with 410 refrigerant & 4TEE3F37B air handler. 2) Carrier 25HCA36 3 ton with FV4BNF003 air handler. 3) Carrier 25HCA330A003 2.5 ton with FV4BNF003 air handler. I've been told by the Trane guy that his is a much better unit. I've been told by the Carrier guy that the entry level Trane was not designed for the higher pressures of 410 & is a potential leaker. Carrier also said their air handler is much tighter & will not draw hot air from the garage where its located.

 If it was your house, would you go Trane or Carrier & 3 ton or 2.5?

Thanks in advance for the advice.

                                                Confused in Florida.

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replied on 3/16/2007

Trane and Carrier are 2 of the best names in the business and are typically high end units. As to size, longer run times do control humidity better and, humidty control is critical to comfort, however, shame on all who gave an estimate without performing a heat load calculation. I suggest that you request that before spending your hard earned dollars on a system that may not serve your needs. Continue doing the homework keeping in mind that the contractor/installer that you choose is as important or more so than the equipment/brand. Even the best equipment will not perform properly if not installed properly. Also be comfortable that they will stand behind warranties and provide good timely service if/when needed. Good luck..........Gasman


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replied on 3/18/2007

Word of Advice!

Please hire a contractor that will give you a report based on the heat loss/gains calculations. Also make the contractor spell out his qualifications on the product he plans to put in.

Carrier and Trane are two of the top two HVAC equipment suppliers. Carrier also has a brand named Bryant which offers the same products as carrier but under a different name. Carrier/Bryant also had R-410a Refrigerent developed. They also trade marked the name puron. So keep that in mind that carrier/bryant has had this product out on the market for over tens years. Not sure Trane can make that Claim. Also make your potential contractor give you the customer a chance to have a more efficent system not just the cheapest system out there. There are a lot of products out there that will help cut energy cost over time and sometimes even pay for it self over time. If you need more info on carrier or bryant or trane go to there websites or e-mail I have all their data as I am a contractor.

Thanks and Goodluck,


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