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posted on 2/18/2007
Howdy from Texas!

I have a ten year old Goodman heating unit.    When the unit comes on, the inducer fan comes on as expected, followed shortly by the burners and then the blower.  

All seems OK except the inducer will cycle on and off during the heating cycle.

I do not remember this happening previously.

Is this normal or should the inducer only run during the ignition phase ?

If this is not typical, does anyone know what might be the cause of this? 

Thanks in advance....


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replied on 2/21/2007

Bob, the inducer must run during the entire heat cycle. I'm not sure that I am reading your post correctly since it sounds as if the heat cycle continues while the inducer cycles. This should not happen since a pressure switch monitors the draft produced by the inducer and should be shutting down the burners when the motor shuts off. Suggest that you get a qualified tech to look at this. Possibilities concerning the inducer include, bad motor, defective Integrated Furnace Control (circuit board), loss of signal (voltage) from the thermostat.

Good luck.............Gasman


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replied on 3/4/2007

Thanks for the reply.

I will give my local heating and a/c company a call and have them look at it. 

Although I am a DIY'er, it sounds like there are quite a few pieces to this that could be of fault (I was hoping for "seen that before!  replace the air flow sensor" or something definitive like that <grin>).



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