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posted on 2/13/2007
I bought a house this past November and I recently changed the thermostat, and now the pilot seems to want to go out on the boiler on a regular basis and the house is never up to the right temp. Any suggestions. I guess I should also add that the gas line feeding the boiler and been teed off to run the gas dryer that was  in here but I capped that line and I am no longer using that dryer but since I changed the thermostat on Saturday and capped the line on sunday I have had nothing but problems . The boiler heats up water base board heat . The house is poorly insulated but the temps fluctuate so much I dont know if its just the cold weather or the boiler. Is there a good effecient boiler out there to heat 1500 sq. ft. thats not goin to break the bank?
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replied on 2/14/2007

Changing the thermostat will have absolutely no effect on the pilot.Capping the old line might if it somehow interfered with supply to the boiler. Pilot outage is usually attributable to a defective pilot safety, dirty pilot, low pressure, inadequate venting, etc. Suggest you contact a qualified tech.

Good luck.................Gasman

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