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posted on 2/12/2007

My limit switch needs to be reset - I had an extremely dirty filter and due to a power outage the furnace had to run for a long time yesterday to warm the house back up, eventually the flame stopped and it's been blowing continuous cold air since then, and the status code being blinked at me from the control board indicates 'open limit switch' - only I can't see one.

Is anyone familiar enough with this furnace model to give me a clue? 

I should add that I've replaced the dirty filter with a clean one so I think I can safely reset the limit switch if I can just find it - I'm pretty sure the problem was limited airflow due to the gunky filter.

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replied on 2/14/2007

The primary limit switch is auto reset when the furnace cools down. It is located in the front of the furnace. Other possibilites are roll out switch(s) that are located above or around the burner enclosure(these are manual reset). If the limit is open, it is defective, if it is not open, the furnace control is sensing a condition that does not exist, and therefore will need replacement.

Good luck.......................Gasman

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