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posted on 2/6/2007
I have a Rheem 125k BTU furnace (RGDG125 ARJR) that heats the first floor of my house.  The unit is about 15 years old.  I've just lost the blower motor for the second time.

Questions - What blower motor does it take? 
                   Thinking of replacing it and getting a more efficient unit.  Opinions?
                   It has a pilot light.  If I keep it, is it possible to convert to an electronic ignition?  If so, what parts are needed and what is an approximate cost?

Thanks in advance.

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replied on 2/11/2007

Steve, the motor should have info on the label (horse power, direction of rotation, shaft size, etc) that will determine the correct replacement. The furnace can be converted to intermittent spark pilot, there are kits available to accomplish this, but it should be done by a qualified tech. As to cost, it will depend on where you live, and before spending the money, have the furnace checked thouroughly. As to replacement options, they are too numerous today in terms of efficiency, 2 stage, variable speed, etc. Contact 2 or 3 good (check with the better business bureau) dealers for estimates. Good luck..........Gasman

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