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posted on 1/31/2007

I am in the process of installing hydronic radiant heat in a second floor bathroom on it's own zone valve. Will also install a new forced air system that will serve entire 1200 SF second floor. Would the proper thermostat be a 2 stage with 1st stage operating the radiant zone and second stage the forced air system?

Tom in Ohio

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replied on 2/11/2007

Tom, I must assume the radiant floor is because you dont like stepping on a cold bathroom floor (otherwise, there is no good explanation for what you are doing). Your 2 stage stat would be asking the radiant in the bathroom to heat the entire 2nd flr on the 1st stage and since that wont do it, the stat will always then move to 2nd stage. The problem then is that the stat will be satisfied and may not call for heat soon enough to keep the bathroom at the temp you desire, or, the bathroom will be warm and the rest of the 2nd flr will be to cool. All this of course depends on where you locate the thermostat. Consider placing a separate stat in the bathroom and isolating (closed door) the bathroom from the rest of the 2nd flr during the heating season. Either way I expect that you will be adjusting the stat(s) alot to remain comfortable. Good luck....................Gasman

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