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posted on 1/23/2007
Our XE80 seems to be working normally but does not always fully light.

In watching the operation the igniter glows, the gas valve opens and the burner nearest the igniter lights but the flame does not always propagate to the other two burners. After about 5 seconds the system shuts down on safety.

Flame looks normal in the one lit burner and in the other two when they light. (nice blue LP flame) What am I missing? What would impede the flame propagation to the other two burners?

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replied on 1/24/2007

Hopefully I have answered my own question. In removing the burners I noted that they are formed from flat sheet with a round iron flame holder insert held between the two clamshells. The flame propagation path is formed by the lips of the top and bottom shell halves. The burners did not look to be all that dirty but a quick brushing on a soft wire wheel followed by passing a thin blade through the propagation paths returned the furnace to operation.

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