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posted on 1/17/2007
Hi All,
I have a question about the condensate trap on a condensating gas furnace.
I would like to put a 95% furnace in a cabin that will be used on and off throughout the season. 
When I shut down the cabin for weeks at a time, I will be shutting off the heat. I know the trap will freeze. 
I have read of 2 ways around this. One is to put antifreeze in the trap (a pain in the butt) or put heat tape 
on the trap. (no good if the electricity goes out)
Could a drain be added to the bottom of the trap. I was thinking of a spring loaded ball valve. That way I 
would not have to worry about leaving it open after I drained it.
Or, could the trap be eliminated if the drain went right to the outside? The furnace will be mounted against an outside wall,
so this would be easy to do. 
Ant thoughts on these ideas or other sugustions?

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