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posted on 1/17/2007

We have a 2 zone home in the Northeast portion of the country where we have 3+ months of below freezing weather (usually).  Our house that we built in 1999 has a Gas Furnace in the attic that is low efficiency and is not meeting our heating/comfort needs.

We have a very large stand-up attic with floorboards.  We are looking to install a high-efficiency gas furnace as well as change our duct work for more comfort and better usage of natural gas.  My understanding is that high-efficiency units cannot be installed in attics where the ambient tempurature will likely go below freezing. 

I am still looking for options here.  Any ideas?

I was thinking of creating a small enclosed space where we would insulate and create an opening from our second floor ceiling so that it would be heated or even put the heater on our second floor (we did that with our humidifier for the reason that it would freeze in the attic.

Any other creative ideas would be appreciated.

BTW, now that I see these problems, I do not understand why these contractors put furnaces in the attic in the colder climates??????



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replied on 1/17/2007

Thanks for your reply.  Although I was looking for something a little more readily available than a concept at this point.

That being said, I hope he is successful.



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replied on 1/17/2007

If you read my next post you can see that I have a simular situation.
I found this interesting link. If you notice the inventer workes for Carrier!

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