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posted on 12/15/2006
I just installed a new Rheem ignition control board in my furnamce, board part 92-24084-82.  I already had a flame sensor but it was connected to the neutral (white) lead of the igniter.  Per instructions with the board, I disconnected the flame sensor from thei igniter neutral and connected it to Pin 7 of the 9 pin connector to the circuit board

Now, when I try to start the furnace, I get one solid green LED on the left (115 V power OK) and one blinking green LED in the center - blinks in a pattern of 3 blinks.  I get combustion fan and main air fan to turn on but no power to the igniter.  I replaced the igniter with a new one, no result.  I checked the pressure switch and it seems to be OK but not sure.

Any help - what does the 3 blinks mean on the center green LED

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