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posted on 12/11/2006
I have a Tempstar split system AC/Gas Furnace that was installed in 1996 that will not ignite.  I got up in the attic and removed the front panel to check if the valve or the igniter was the problem.  I could hear the valve open but the igniter would not light the pilot.  After several seconds, the valve closed.  After trying a couple of things, I wiggled the igniter plug where it plugs into the valve assembly.  This caused the igniter to begin working.  I cycled the furnace several times to insure that it would continue to work.  When I got up this morning, I discovered that the furnace was no longer working.  Do I need to replace the entire valve assembly, or is there a way to just replace the electronic control module connected to the valve?  Or could this be some other problem?
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