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posted on 11/16/2007



Have the above unit where the draft motor comes on, hot surface lights, and burners ignite. However after about 5 seconds burners go out. This cycle happens twice and then blower comes on.


I believe I have narrowed it down to board or flame sensor. Could this be right??? I checked all `limit switches and all check out OK. I removed flame sensor and cleaned and still no go. Looking at board there are3 LED, 1 yellow and 2 greens. The 2 greens are steady and no fault codes occur. What bothers me is that the troubleshooting sheet on back of cover states that yellow LED is for flame sensor status but this LED never comes on and never blinks as if there is problem.


Should I assume it is the board and replace???



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replied on 11/18/2007

Just to be sure, check that you dont loose voltage accross the pressure switch (voltage on both sides)  when the flames drop out. Then try it again and see if  voltage to the gas valve stops when the flames go out. If you have voltage then it's the valve. It does sound like the circuit board though. Provided you cleaned the sensor with a wire brush or emory cloth.

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