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posted on 11/10/2007

I have a Rheem Corsaire model #FGPJ-10NBRJR with a serial number of EB5D307F389707624.

My airconditioner & heater operate fine when I use them.  My problem is with my thermostat off, the draft blower motor on my heater cycles on & off continuously every minute or so.  It turns on for about 15-20 seconds, then turns off for about a minute, and repeats.  The relay on the circuit board (board model 1012-925A) that I think is "clicking" on the blower motor is the second in from the left (small Siemens relay #9651).  It clicks, the motor starts, it clicks again the motor stops.

Any ideas?  I have a meter and can check themostat switches, etc. but I do not have a diagram to see if the should be open or closed, or what voltage, etc.  I don't want to buy a new board for $100 if it is just a $10 limit switch!

PLEASE help, and thank you in advance!!

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replied on 11/11/2007

check to see if you have 24V coming back to w at the furnace or switch (not just turn down) your thermostat to the off position if it has a switch. you could get a feed back if you have a problem with the grounding (electrical) if the board is defective replace it - but to be absolutly sure disconnect the R terminal at the furnace see if the venter comes on -


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replied on 11/13/2007

Thanks - I'll give that a check and let you know what I find out.

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