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posted on 11/10/2007

Hello.  My upstaris furnace stopped working, just blows cold air.  I've shut the thermostat off and on and watched the diagnostic codes through window in the access cover.  The progression of diagnostic codes goes:

Flashing fast - normal call for heat

2 flashes - external lockout (retries or recycles exceeded).

The unit is: TRANE XR80 model TUD060C936K1, serial # 2223JMY2G install date 11/27/02

Can anyone provide additional information on the "2 flashes".  That is, more on what 2 flashes indicates?


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replied on 11/10/2007

Brian,  Thanks for the feedback.  I'll have a technician check it out.  Bill


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replied on 11/10/2007

You have a problem that the board says the furnace has tried to start and it has exceeded the amount of tries (usually 3 times) and you should get the unit checked. is there gas to the furnace is there a problem with the flame sensing. is the ignitor ok. Brian - this is usally a safety issue and you should get a tec in.

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