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posted on 11/9/2007

I'm adding an in-line duct fan, with one black wire, one white wire, and one green wire.  My furnace is manufactured by ICG, model number is HGD-75.  I need the wireing diagram for the furnace, which was made approx. in 1983.  I need to find out what wires control the fan motor, so my in-line duct fan can turn on and off accordinly.


Thanks, Mike

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replied on 11/9/2007

the diagram is on the inside of the blower door - but that vintage of furnace the wiring is basic and you will have a fan control - which you can sprice into - Green is ground - white is common - and Black is the power - but not telling you what to do but if your system was balanced or installed properly you should not need this and you will affect other runs with this - but it may not affect enough to be a problem - but just watch after for signs - let us know - Brian

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