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posted on 11/9/2007
Heatilator 36" gas fireplace, GA401332, Serial # DE SERIE, GNRC33 = model, Date 3098. This fireplace will not turn on in  weather colder that  30.
I replace the wall switch., and checked the wires (repluged them in). It will start and run fine in warmer weather, and sometime if I leave the wall switch on it will come on later. What is the cost of a fan kit, and where can I buy it? I have the wiring for the fax and switch already in

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replied on 11/11/2007

If you jumper the thermostat contacts on the valve will the main burner come on? If yes, try another switch. If not, do you have a strong pilot flame hitting the pilot generator?  Do you have over 450 milivolts across the generator leads to the valve with the switch turned off.  If not, you might be able to get a better flame and milivolt reads by tapping on the pilot burner hard enough to knock the dust and scale off it. But not hard enough to bend it. Do this with the flame going and the valve knob set to pilot position. Remember to set knob back to ON to see if this worked. If these don't work replace the valve.

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