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posted on 11/8/2007
How do you tell if the pressure switch is bad or the control board is?  Can I test the board somehow to see if it has juice?
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replied on 11/9/2007

Check for 24v thru the switch. It could be the port is plugged whre you hook up the tube to at the venter. but you should have replaced the whole unit when you replaced the venter, so disconnect the tube and look for 24V at one side of the pressure switch - if you have 24V at both sides with the tube disconnected the switch will be faulty - if you only have 24V on one side put the tube back on - you should now have 24V on both sides (terminals) if you do not then look for blockage in the vent and check the tube for leaks. To trouble shoot properly in this area you need to measure the vaccum at the venter. but this should help you to determine if you can fix your self. Also if your unit is corroded that bad your furnace needs a proper set-up and this should be done by a tec. Brian - let us know

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