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posted on 11/8/2007

I need help. I don't know about this furnace.  Model # NUGE080BG03

                                                                    Serial # H445 12868

The draft inducer was totally rusted out, so I replaced it. Got that done, turned up the thermostat, turned on the furnace power, and heard the draft inducer running, but no "zapping" of the intermittent pilot. So I let the inducer fan run for a few minutes, hoping to purge the gas line, but still nothing.  I'm wondering about my igniter power box (whatever its called). Any suggestions?  IT'S COLD!!!     

                                Also, any info. on the furnace model itself would be great! thanks.

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replied on 11/11/2007

With the power off, pull the pressure switch tubing off the switch and blow into it. Do not blow towards the switch. Is the airway clear? If no, clear the port. If yes, when you start the furnace is there 24 volts on each side of the pressure switch? If not, back trak until you find it. If yes,Chck voltage on each connection heading towards the ignition module. If the module is getting 24 v, and not sparking,check that the spark electrode is not dirty with scale droppings. Still no spark, replace module

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