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posted on 11/8/2007

Luxaire gas furnace how to read diagontic indicator light. 

Model # PBMU-LD08N076A  By ser# EAXM007853 think it is a 1990 model

Unit is firing up just fine but blower motor does not come on.  So after 2 minutes of flame the rollout switch shuts furnace down.  Also blower motor does not come on when you switch the Fan switch to on at the thermostat ( this used to work).  Blower wheel turns freely by hand.

Blower motor bad?

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replied on 11/8/2007

do you have an inducer motor on your unit?. sounds like motor is out . because why would you have roll out.let me know


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replied on 11/9/2007

The way you are describing I would assume you have a downflow furnace and the rollout you say is shutting off the gas is a hi limit (protect the blower motor from heat ) if this is the case your blower is not working check for power to the motor if you have power replace the motor with a new cap. - if your furnace is shutting off with a rollout (by the burners) GET A TEC - if the blower you are talking about is the venter the gas SHOULD NOT COME with that off -  I suspect it is blower motor. Let us know - Brian


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replied on 11/12/2007

Flame rollout switch opens? Is the heat exchanger plugged causing flames to not heat the interior of the exchangers to properly turn on the fan switch? Thus when the fire rolls out the front where it is not supposed to be the switch shuts the fire off.  Therefore the fan switch does not get hot enough to activate. Some furnaces use a relay that turns summer fan operation off with a call for heat.  Is the flame rollout switch a manual reset. If in fact it is a flame rollout problem, call a professional to repair.

We all would like to know how this turns out. Thanks, G

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