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posted on 11/7/2007
I had a new gas valve installed last night on my older furnace.  Today when I got home, it will not light.  Any ideas? Thanks!

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replied on 11/7/2007

You don't say if you have a standing pilot or spark or hot surface - if it is a standing pilot check if the anti on the thermostat is ok and set properly, is there power to the furnace. A question like this with the info we have would take longer to write a response than a tec coming over. but I would call the tec that replaced the valve and ask what his warranty is and go from there. You should have a manual that will trouble shoot some areas in this. let us know - Brian


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replied on 11/8/2007

did it work after new gas valve was installed?. let me know i will walk you thru on what to do .

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