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posted on 10/31/2007
I had a problem with York heater, Dimond 80. The repair guy said that the problem is in the gas valve. He replaced it for $589, part and labor. Heater is working now, but I belive this price is excessive. Am I correct?
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replied on 11/1/2007

Depending on if it was a two stage - if he came out pass reg hours and what their labour rate is - it is hard to tell without knowing the time he spent and if he serviced the furnace at the same time - also what is the age of the furnace - most are 5 year warranty on parts like this But there are models and makes that only have a 1year warranty on those parts. what is his warranty. - is he a York Dealer? It is hard to determine if this is excessive - if you get good service and if there is a problem will he stand behind his work and parts? If he is good then saving a 100 dollars may not be a good deal. Where we are companys charge from 80.00 up per call or hour - we charge 140.00 per call / hr. but we are quick and we stand behind everything we do for one year even on electrical parts. So if you got heat in a reasonable amount of time I feel you got value. but that is only with the info you gave.  Let us know what else you find out. Brian

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