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posted on 12/5/2006
I have a 4 year old Carrier Weathermaker 9200.  The past couple of weeks the motor has made a loud grrrrring noise when firing up.  Now the motor makes such a loud racket that it wakes the house up at night when kicking on.  The fan runs 24/7 unless the entire unit is switched off and is loud enough that we can hear it to the upper floors of the house.  Is the motor needing replacement?  Any thoughts?
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replied on 12/7/2006

Which motor is it you speak of..the combustion blower, or fan motor? The combustion blower assists combustion through heat exchanger and the fan blower pushes air down the ducts.

Its not unusal to have a combustion blower or fan blower motor fail after 4 years...but rather bad luck if it does.

Before a fan motor is completely condemned....make sure capacitor is putting out the required microfareds..assuming it has one.


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