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posted on 10/31/2007
Service man replaced the gas valve and I still have the same problem!!!!!  The furnace will light usually the first time and then have problems later through the heating cycle.  When you look into the peep hole you can see the ignitor glowing, after it glows red the gas valve opens up and the first burner next to the igniter just barely puts out a flame.  The rest of the burners look like they are not getting any fuel, the flame sensor appears to be dropping the furnace out.  After it trys to relight a couple of times the furnace shows a ignition code.  He has checked the gas pressure and all of the switches.  What would cause the gas from traveling from one end of the burner to the next????  He has cleaned the burner and said that the burners are rusty which could be causing the flow of gas from moving across.  Where can I purchase a burner for this furnace???  I don't mind paying a service man to "FIX" the furnace but he seems to be replacing parts now due to not knowing what the problem is!!!!!
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replied on 11/1/2007

what is the brand name and model of your furnace. Is it an 80 %er or 90 % er. I need more to go on. You could have a plugged exchanger causing flame starvation in the cell where the sensor is. The carryovers could be clogged with rust scale not letting the flames carryover to the last burner where the sensor is. In any case, if someone just changed the valve and did not notice this condition, get another service agency.


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replied on 11/1/2007

You can have the service guy clean the burners- But from what you are saying I would look for about service guy. If you have the right manifold pressure and the burners are dirty clean them - but make sure the orifices are clear - if you have rust build up find out why - if the burner by the ignitor is the only one that is lighting then the burner by the flame sensor is not it will tell that there is no flame and shut off. If you have rust I would say the furnace is not set up properly and get someone that is good to service it it may only be the runners or the wing tips that need cleaning. but a good service tec should have been able to do this when he was there giving you heat - let us know - Brian

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