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posted on 10/29/2007
Hi!  Furnace will not start, flashes "code 31".  Per the "Service and Maintenance Instructions" manual, I was able to see ALL of these during a "Component Test":

a) LED flashes code 4 times ("31")
b) Inducer motor operates for 10 s, then turns off
c) Hot surface ignitor (HSI) is energized for 15 s, then de-energized
d) Main blower operates at cooling speed for 10 s, then turns off
e) Main blower operates at heating speed for 10 s, then turns off

so ALL steps were successful; however, *HSI DOES NOT ENERGIZE DURING "NORMAL" CALL FOR HEAT!*

- intake/exit is clear, with strong exit flow (outside of house)
- inducer motor runs, is quiet
- checked the plastic tubing on the vacuum? side (not the drainage side...I guess I'll do this later today)
- ** There is ~26 VAC across the pressure switch...it NEVER goes to 0 VAC (as it should)...???   And jumpering the switch doesn't make it open, either...(and ignitor doesn't glow, either)

So I'm guessing that this switch is bad, right??

The old part # is HK06NB120, which seems to have been replaced by HK06NB124...is this correct??



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replied on 10/30/2007

Not sure what the 31 code is - it may be that the pressure switch is closed - do you have 24V on each side even when the venter is not on - you should not - if this is the case tap or gently blow into the switch to breack contact - if this is the case replace the switch with the same one or the one the manufacture recommends. -

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