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posted on 10/28/2007

I'm in the process of getting quotes on replacing H&C (heatpump) in my home, one contractor suggested a Westinghouse heatpump?. It's not one of the top brands and I was hoping to get some feedback from you guys who know?.

Should I stick with the top 4-5 brands?.

Thanks in advance,



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replied on 10/28/2007

Again - if you are getting quotes - go with the guy you feel will give you the best service and installation- A good contractor can install the (what some of us feel)worst made product and you sing praise's - but have the worst contractor install the best product and you may be pulling your hair out, All manufactures make product that work but the difference is how they stand behind it and a good contractor unless he is moving from manufacture or distribrutor because of what ever problem or reasons is going to go where he gets service not price. - look for a contractor that whats you for a long time not just to replace your unit. Brian let us know

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