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posted on 10/22/2007
i have a nordyne and replaced the pressure switch due to it not closing and still have the same problem , i am thinking that there is not enough vacum and was wondering if anyone knows if a older motor would cause a loss of vacum thanks
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replied on 10/28/2007

the problem could be the hose or port at the venter - try and remove the tubing from the port at the venter and gently put a small wire thr the port to see if it is blocked. if it is you should get the furnace serviced as any build up in the blower wheel will cause problems later, If this is not the problem you will need to measure the neg pull at the switch to really determine what the problem is - a blocked vent or the venter itself. - also check if there is any cracks or holes in the tubing. let us know - Brian


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replied on 10/29/2007

Yes. I have seen older vent motors loose speed , thus not producing enough vacumn

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