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posted on 10/20/2007
Dear Sir or Madam:
     The old "Ideal Sprint Rapide 90NF" boiler in my house was out off order and I thought at least the PCB has problem. Could you please send (email) me Ideal Sprint Rapide 90NF PCB Diagram. (PCB electronic circuit) at your convenience if you have one.
Best regards,
Xingliang Huang

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replied on 10/21/2007

I really don't think people should be repairing curcuit boards. I believe everyone has a choice and if they are willing to put themselves and other people at risk that is their choice - but it is not as easy as it may seem. years ago one manufacture had a problem with ONE resistor that was from a OEM supplied (OEM had change the one resistor without telling the engineer) and changed the way the values were done thru the board. also once you play with the board  you loose all chances of going back to the manufacture or installer if there was a major problem EVEN if what you did had nothing to do with the problem - and do you think you have home insurance - think again look what happened with Karina - homeoweners are argueing over wind and water damage - do you what to relie on a counter person saying that it is a perfect match if it isn't - I will not put my livihood or family at risk for 2 to 300 dollars.And I wouldn't put my customers at risk. The engineer that repaired his own may be fine - but if he is as good as he thinks he is he would not be looking for the part on a forum and if he thinks he is donig a good thing by letting others from that forum think they may be able to do the repair of a board then I really don't think he's as good as he thinks he is - because if he was what he says, he knows the damage he can do by just doing what he has done.(one other thing I am installer and contractor and I have come across lots of engineers that have made many mistakes for thier employers. just go to recalls. just my opinion  Brian

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