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posted on 10/19/2007

I have the Rheem Criterion II Heating & Cooling. It's about 9 years old.  Today, when I turned the heating on.  The electric ignition didn't light up.  What could it be wrong?  Thanks.



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replied on 10/20/2007

 look at the ignitor. it is probly cracked. if so, replace the ignitor


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replied on 10/20/2007

You will have give more details - but try this - look for a LED light flashing on the control board - (in the blower area) if it is blicking count the flashes and look in your manual for the code. this will tell you the area in which the problem is. if there is no LED - then you will have to trouble shoot yourself or call a Tec. see if you are getting 120V to the ignitor (if this is a hot surface type of ignitor - you may have to wait a minute on a call for heat to measure the voltage. if you have voltage but the ignitor is not glowing replace it- if you do not have voltage then check for voltage (24V) thru the limits and pressure switch - if this is the problem DO NOT BYPASS - this is telling you there is a problem and you should get a tec. Trouble shooting these furnaces on a forum like this is hard as it does not matter what the problem may be 90% of the time it is the same result no heat and cold air blowing . this is the unit going in to safety mode. but if you can use a multi meter it should be able to get you into the right area to get it fixed - lety us know - Brian

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