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posted on 10/18/2007

Needing to replace a 10 year old Carrier heat pump. The coil shot crap. I have bids from Trane and Lennox dealers. I live in the KC area if that helps with recommendations.

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replied on 10/19/2007

I have a question- you are replacing a heat pump that is only 10 years old and you are asking what brand. You should be asking for what contractor. All brands will work if installed properly - the difference is the contractor ask around and look for a number of customers that have one contractor that have units that are 18 years or more. This will tell you that they are servicing them and selling a depenable brand. I have say this countless times - you can have a bad contractor install the best unit made and have nothing but problems, but you could have a good contractor install what we may feel is a questionable brand - and be singing praise. If the brand you choose is a problem who do you call the manufacture - no you call the contractor -so it his relationship with the manufacture that matters - go with the brand that the contractor you feel comfortable with.

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