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posted on 10/13/2007

We have a problem.  Specifically a 5 ton Trane Heat Pump unit (residential) is emitting a high pitched noise from the air intake/exhaust when operating in the heating mode.  Currently, ther system has a single double cased pipe penetrating to the outside.  In an attempt to solve this problem this single intake/exhaust was relaced with two sepatare lines.  This had no effect on the noise, and have since returned to the single double piping. 

Has anyone run into this before?  And if so, any ideas on how to fix it? 

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replied on 10/13/2007

I think you are talking about the intake and exhaust on your condensing furnace. if you are there would be no difference going from a concentric termination to a two pipe pipe one. also I don't know if this is a new install or if this problem just started on a older system. I think it is a new install, so you will have to call a service person from the manufactor to find out if it is from the intake which could have aproblem with an orifice that is whisling from gas pressure or a defect. if it is coming from the exhaust it could be from a blower wheel or the condensate is not being removed properly. these are just ideas - noise is hard to determine on this forum . I install condensing furnaces and boilers and they all have noise but if you install in a bad location like a narrow pathway between house the noise will multiply, I never have complaints about noise on a venting system I install but go to many that others have. But again you have to be there to determine the best solution  and to figure out what the noise actually is.Let us know - Brian

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