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posted on 10/9/2007
Had Repairman out to diagnose and estimate repair on pilotless forced air unit.
The estimate was over $800 which seems very high. The unit is the standard
2 cover box design with the valve above the blower in the front of the unit.
Gas valves run from $159 to $230.How many hours should be billed or what
is the flat rate hours?

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replied on 10/12/2007

It does sound hi but without knowing what it is he is doing it is hard to say. but if he replaces the valve and checks and sets manifold pressure - clocks the unit for proper BTU's - take a temperature rise and adjust blower speed  if needed. and if this is a condensening unit does a combustion anylis then you have found a tec that is good and if this is what he charges you will be in good hands - BUT if he takes 20 min. and takes a valve out of the box and starts it up and gives you a bill - find another company. I take it the unit was not working when he came so he doesn't know how it and it starts up. without knowing the model and age of the furnace it is hard to tell. also the travel time to your house may have something to do with the cost. Ask if he is going to do the above and check with your local BBB.

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