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posted on 10/4/2007
flame turns on momentarily and then shuts down. If I turn the gas valve adjuster in quickly when the flame starts, it will occassionally stay on and continue until desired temp is reached. Then the blower will restart and the flash continuous red(internal problem). I can then turn switch off and start all over again. Now the plastic gas valve adjuster plunges in and I have to insert a screw to pull it back up to adjust. Can you help?
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replied on 10/7/2007

CALL A SERVICE TEC - the unit is not reconizing a flame and with you playing with the gas pressure you will or have cause damage to the valve.what if you have damaged the gas valve so that it stays on and your blower fails or your filter gets plugged? if you are smsrt enough to figure out gas pressure or flame sensing is a problem then you should be able to find a tec that can fix it.


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replied on 10/8/2007

I would stop before you blow yourself and the house up. It sounds like the flame sensor is not detecting the flame.

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