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posted on 10/2/2007
I have a Payne Plus 90 HE Gas Furnace Model 350MAV036080 it is probably about ten years old.  I get an led code 33 Flame rollout switch open then to code 13 Flame Rollout Swith Lockout.  I reset Power to the furnance and the same thing happens.  My exhaust starts up then my burner kicks on and runs for a minute or so then the heater shuts down.  The only thing I noticed was that the blower motor does not kick on.  I checked both the limit switch and the rollout switch both had 24V going in and coming out.  But the blower motor does not seem to be getting power.  Does anybody know what to test next?  Is it a bad switch or a bad Board?  Thanks
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replied on 10/8/2007

If you are talking about the rollout in the burner box?? I would disconnect both PVC pipes and see if it runs fine then? That is a start. I am a ex carrier tech.

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