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posted on 8/28/2007
I have a Carrier HVAC system in my condo and a Carrier thermometer.  The other night the AC shut-off abruptly and the thermometer began blinking an E2 Error Code, which according to the manual is the error code for low voltage.  I checked all the fuses for my unit (which appeared to be fine), I replaced the batteries in the thermostat, and I replaced the fuses for the HVAC unit. 

Since then, the HVAC unit has worked intermittently (it will not cool to my standard 76 degree temp, but will occasionally turn and on and cool to about 78 before turning off again) and the fan feature does not work at all.

The system was brand new in Spring 2005 and has not had any problems until now. 

Any ideas?  I'm handy, but will call a mechanic if its something requiring special equipment or knowledge.  I was thinking about replacing the thermostat, since it appears that all the fuses that I am aware of are working properly--good idea or not?.

Thanks in advance for your insight/expertise.

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replied on 8/29/2007

The voltage to the thermostat is 24 volt, from the system transformer. The only fuse possible is on the circuit board in the air handler. If that were blown however, nothing would work. The code most likely was refering to the batteries, wich power the thermostat display and maintain the programming memory. It may not get to temperature because it may have reverted back to the factory programming when the batteries got low. Check that it is still programmed the way you programmed it. Good luck........Gasman

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