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posted on 8/25/2007

sorry if this has been answered before, but I need help wiring up my unit and hoping to not have to pay the $300-$400 quoted me.

I accidentally cut the (8-strand thermostat) wire leading from my heat pump to my unit in the basement, replaced the wire and think I may have gotten the wiring wrong now.  Stupid mistake #1 was cutting the darn thing with my mower. Stupid mistake #2 was not diagramming the connections before replacing.  But mistakes aside now I'm stuck and hoping for help:

Replacement with 7-strand wire: W,Y,O,R,G,Blu,Brown (blu/G idle)

HP wiring: O,R,W,Y,C (black)

Therm wire to unit (original 8-strand): G,R,O,W,Y,bla,blu,br.  Blu/bla idle.

How do I hook these up?  thanks.

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replied on 10/8/2007

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